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Dave Kennett
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went to court today and the officer lied about everything and

Resolved Question:

went to court today and the officer lied about everything and i lost no matter what evidence I showed the court,1. He said he clocked me with his lazer gun on a street where he was'nt. 2. lied about how he pulled me over. didnt know the right color of my truck,what I was hauling at the time or that I had company signs on my truck. Didnt know anything except what he was reading off the ticket. his lazer gun was calabrated 8 months ago.I had full pictures & stoping distance studies on my truck. This guy was a peace of work 4 to 5 cases today all said the same thing that he was'nt where he said he was when he lazerd them. He was in a differnt spot. Same thing he did to me. the judge didn't see the pattern and ignored it when I brought it up to his attension. What can I do about this? I had a front loader dryer in the back of my truck not tied down I was going slow on purpose. He lazerd a car going east bound I was going west there would be no way I could of stoped that fast at the speed he said i was traveling wouldnt be enough time or distance. How can I fight this.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 6 years ago.

Dear JACUSTOMER - All you can do is file an appeal with the court of appeals. It is very difficult to win a case in traffic court since the judges simply "rubber stamp" whatever the cops say. If you appeal you will have to find some issue of law since you can't appeal what the trier of fact (judge or jury) decided to believe.


I certainly understand your frustration but this is so typical of traffic courts everywhere. There are few judges who will actually stand up to the cops and listen to the defendants. Most of the time it is simply going through the motions and finding everyone guilty. Remember, the state or city get paid if you are found not guilty!


An appeal will likely require you to have an attorney and the chances of success are slim. You're probably wasting your time and money to take this any further but that is your right under the law.


Dave Kennett

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Do you mean city or state dont get paid if found not guilty. Wow! this becoming a F'ed up world we live in now.
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 6 years ago.

Of course they don't get paid if you don't have to pay a fine. I'm not talking about their salaries only the fact they can't collect the fine for their coffers.



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