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skelly151, Lawyer
Category: Criminal Law
Satisfied Customers: 2368
Experience:  I have handled non felony matters in municipal and mayor courts in Ohio
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I never received an answer for my last question about expunging

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I never received an answer for my last question about expunging a record. I have a $48 credit in my account. What happened? Do I need to resubmit?

skelly151 :

You can expunge a conviction if older than 5-7 years and there is no violence involved in the conviction such as firearm use etc. You petition to the court where the conviction originated and reference the underlying case number XXXXX tell the court in the motion how you have had no further offenses and have satisfied all conditions of the underlying conviction. They will let you know whether they are going to contest it or not. If they are going to then you will need a good criminal lawyer to assist you.

Customer :

Hi skelly151...Thanks for the answer. We are looking into petitioning the court since there were no firearms or physical violence or knives, etc. The protection was for the e-mails only. The conditions were satisfied and there are no further offenses. Thanks again! E.

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