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i got a dui back in january of 09.i told my lawyer i needed

Customer Question

i got a dui back in january of 09.i told my lawyer i needed it dropped to a lesser offense so i could join the pipefitters union.the last time i was in court was aug5.i read the paper in oct and they had a true bill returned on me for lawyer had told me i didnt have to be back in court till dec17.he had someone fill in for him on oct8.after i called his office to find out why i read that in the paper they sent me a letter.along with the letter was a waiver of right to be present fpr arraignment which they wanted me to return asap.i had not seen one of these and didnt sign it.he told me he would talk to the da and try to plea to first offense.i never herd back til dec16.he called me asking how we was gonna win the case.he said the da wouldnt take a plea.he then called the da and they said they would drop it to 2nd but if i decided to take it to trail they would revoke my bond and i would remain in jail till my court date.i asked how they could throw those other charges in after so long.he said he would argue that point but the judge could charge me with 1st but sentence me for the question is has my lawyer failed to represent me fairly because i feel iv been hung out to way off worse now than i was.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Attorney & Mediator replied 6 years ago.
my question is has my lawyer failed to represent me fairly because i feel iv been hung out to way off worse now than i was.

Your question is difficult to answer without actually reading your court files and what the DA has said. Unfair representation under the TN professional responsibilities laws means your lawyer has failed to competently represent you. Competence means keeping you upto date with your case, representing you at court and having adequately prepared for your case. It does not mean guarantying you an outcome that you want.

Below is the TN rules of professional responsibility. If you have grounds to support claims that your attorney has failed to comply with the rules, then you can argue that your lawyer failed to competently represent you.

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