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Does a felony conviction prevent a person from obtaining a

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Does a felony conviction prevent a person from obtaining a insurance salesperson license in New Jersey?

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What type of insurance do you want to sell?


How will you sell it?--door to door? by appointment? etc.



Also, what was the conviction for?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
car insurance, in a car dealership possession with intent to sell
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Drug conviction non violent possession with intent to sell 04/23/1995

The answer is that it can.


Occupational Licensing

-General licensing statute allows licensing boards to refuse to admit a person or to suspend or revoke a license upon proof that a person has been convicted of or is engaged in:

  • Acts constituting a "crime of moral turpitude"
  • Acts relating adversely to the regulated activity

-More than 50 professions in NJ subject to the statute

-BUT: Rehabilitation of Convicted Offenders Act overrides in part:

  • Can't disqualify solely on the basis of a conviction unlessconvicted while a public employee of an offense relating to the office orconvicted of a crime relating to the license sought.
  • If license agency or board wants to disqualify, must explain in writing how various factors have been considered
  • Parolees can get "Certificates of Rehabilitation" which preclude a licensing board from denying the license.

Moreover, if it has been since 1995 and you have had no other convictions, you may be able to get your record expunged.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
There were two DUI convictions, first 2006 and the second 2009, bankruptcy was declared in 2009. Willl this have an effect on the decision? I will be able to secure a certificate of rehabilitation
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Will I receive a reply to the additional question?

I'm sorry for the delay. I was assisting another customer.


I am finishing researching the certificate of rehabilitation....I will be right back with you.


Thanks for your your patience.

Those certainly may affect your ability to obtain a license.


In New Jersey, an individual who has been previously denied a professional license because of a conviction may apply for a "Certificate of Rehabilitation" (COR). COR is meant to verify that the holder has achieved a degree of rehabilitation, indicating their licensing would not be incompatible with the welfare of society. A COR prohibits a licensing authority from disqualifying or discriminating against the applicant. In effect it creates a "presumption of rehabilitation" that must be given consideration by the licensing board. CORs may be temporary, subject to review and renewal, and may be revoked.


If granted a COR, you may not be denied a license solely on account of having been convicted, or by reason of a lack of good moral character. However, you can still be denied a license if the licensing board finds: (a) there is a direct relationship between the previous conviction and the license being sought or (b) if the board establishes that issuing a license would involve an unreasonable risk to property, individual safety or welfare or risk to the general public.


At least two years must pass before reapplication under a COR.


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