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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Criminal Law
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I fell like I have been raped by the Ohio Perry Co Sheriff

Customer Question

I fell like I have been raped by the Ohio Perry Co Sheriff Barker, Sargent McCall, & Deputy K. Peck. Deputy Peck was completly bias in an insodent on 08/24/10,treated me with complete verbal disrespect in my home in front of my wife of 39 years. Tried to get me to admit to things I didn't do.( I haven't lied in 39 yrs) then when I didn't concer with what he said he said " I didn't believe me X 2 " " You need th grow up", "You need to mature" without even asking what happened or letting me explain what happened involving an insodent with my neighbor. I was issued a disorderly conduct citation by K. Peck. The neighbor did also recieve same citation. FYI I was curtious to K.Peck, with respect at all times. K.Peck is very young and new on the job. I'm 64 alwayed helped and surported all law inforcement, Navy vet,Retired from Columbus Public Schools W/ 30 yrs. 20 yrs as an Volenteer EMT still active.had 4 speeding you need to krow what really happened?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 6 years ago.
First Im very sorry to hear about what happened to you but what is your question for us to answer?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What can be did to prevent this injustice from being repeated again and again. I have lost a lot of respect for a legal system to think they are above the law and vilate a persons rights. Double standards are not in the constition, If I do anything legally wrong I have no problem paying for it. Is there anything that can be did to protect poor retired people from incompententence from the sheriffs department? I thought the ACLU stood up for peoples rights rich or poor. The neighbor 68 yrs old chased me dowm a country road over 60 yrds trying to fight me and the only thing i did was when he stopped he bent over i said "looks like your out of shape ole man". I'm not the first bit afraid of this person but I'm not going to fight for no reason. this person is unstable, threatened to kill me, my wife, my dogs, ( small house dogs) and flatten my house. Has stood on road swearing and calling me chicken s--- for not act like a man and fight him like a man without provacation.sheriff has done nothing. I can go on and on about what has happened the last 2 years which when I would call sheriff the responces were he said she said. I don't want to take matters into my own hands but will to protect my family.please help!