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When my grandson was 12 he touched a little 6 year old girl.

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When my grandson was 12 he touched a little 6 year old girl. He was prosecuted and sent to juvenile detention for almost a year. He is now 19 and the state law has him on the sex offenders web site. He will graduate from HS next June and has been applying for jobs but of course when a company does a background check they quickly let him know they can't hire him. He also wanted to join the military but was told the same thing. He has not been in any trouble since this happened. Is there any way to get off that website. He really is a good young man but doesn't stand a chance now as long as he is on there.

Hello. It may be possible to seal or expunge the record because it happened when he was a juvenile (although states do vary on sealing or expunging juvenile offenses which are "sexual" in nature , such as your grandson's). If sealing or expungement is not possible, there is a process to apply for a pardon from the governor and under the circumstances, this might be your avenue to try to get these matters removed from his record. There is a law firm in SC that specializes in these types of cases, and I think that you should contact them to see if something can be done to help your grandson here. Here is a connection to their website where you can get he contact information needed to speak with someone there:


I genuinely hope that something can be done for your grandson because something that is done at 12 is not a reflection of how someone will live the rest of their lives in my book.



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