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Ely, Counselor at Law
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Briefly Ex parte”, I am going to the first therapist my daughter saw.

Customer Question

Briefly “Ex parte”, I am going to the first therapist my daughter saw. She had significant insight to her condition a little than 3 years ago. She is eager, and intrigued by her “expential” growth in her mental abilities and her degrading mental condition. She mentioned “Ex parte”, knowing she is not at the full legal definition yet. Here is a thought for you or if you know a specialist in “Ex parte” please refer to them. A thought, what if during an “Ex parte” hearing we were able to reconstruct her decision making, her moral character, her early love and genuine giving without expecting heart, 1.     FIRST HAND testimony from the adoption agency who investigated us, followed up on us, know how much we loved her 2.     Our best couple friends, Jim and Patrica and their son, (one year older than Lyndsay), who from 3 days ole to five and one half, saw weekly, if not daily how Lyndsay interacted with us, with them when we exchanged child care, Josh and Lyndsay, playing togethere. 3.     Then from five years trough sixth grade, with her actual teachers discussing Lyndsay’s extremely perfect behavior, our parental involvement and love. 4.     Seventh grade in Lake Mary, Liberty Christian school, full attitude and home life, by teacher, bestfriend family and others. 5.     Move to Saint Petersburg, moral condition unchanged, proof of this “undeniable” by multiple witnesses. 6.     Eigth grade, unknown but change happening, proof by adult parents on witness stand. 7.     At age 16 and one month, “out of no where” Lyndsay committed a Felony, Grand thief, times two, over two thousand and three hundred dollars in department store women clothes/jewelry. 8.     Arrested, handcuffed, take to Juvenile processing Center, the whole fingerprints, mug shot, two year later in her poem, I found, this was more traumatic to my daughter than a rape. 9.     Adult testimony of “Night and day” change in morals, personality, everything. 10.     Casual sex that fall, 11.     Then absorbed by the most evil, cunning, malicious family, at 59 years old, I have ever met. They let her to smoking, drinking, sex, drugs under 16 and some 17 years. THE MOTHER AND FATHER KNEW THIS WAS GOING ON BUT DID NOT TELL US HER PARENTS. 12.     They 24 hours a day, “provable” in court, degraded me first her father who caught them in sex, so the boyfriend latterly HATED MY GUTS. He says so in a phone message to my wife. 13.     Add 10th, - 12th H.S. grade where she was voted the most changed girl, and the same have adult witnesses to her taking up dangerous habit.   See the State of Florida statements on what she got into, which under oath at a hearing, Lyndsay said, I don’t see these as destructive, yet the Department of Health of Florida does: 14.      FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH STATES: a.     But getting involved in unhealthy risks can lead to educational, health, and emotional problems. Unhealthy risks include alcohol, drug, and tobacco use, sex, and violence. b.     Lyndsay denied at previous hearing page 37 lines 12,13,14 that the above were not destructive behavior to her, as to her parents. Yet, FDOH claims them as such, is Lyndsay thinking clearly? 15.     Can prove via adult testimony, “cocain” usage 16.     Total alienation from father now mother due to coercion from Eynards family. 17.     He are genius is easily established. Enough for details, BOTXXXXX XXXXXNE, IF WE CAN FROM BIRTH TO NOW SHOW VIA ADULT FIRST HAND WITNESS THAT SHE PROGRESSED FROM A MORAL, CARING, NO DRUGS OR SEX, ALWAYS DRAWING GENIUS ART THEN AFTER A MAJOR “TRAUMA” CHANGED, SEX, TRUANCE, CONSTANT ANGRY DISPLAYS WITH PARENTS, THEN A ACCIDENT TRAUME WITH DAD DRIVING, WHEN JUST FOUR DAY LATER LEFT HOME, CHANGED HER MO COMPLETELY, LEFT WITHOUT LETTING US KNOW WHERE SHE WAS FOR OVER A MONTH, TOOK A PI TO FIND HER. HER INABILITY TO STAND UP AGAINST THOSE PUSHING HER TO COCAINE AND A TOTALLY DIFFERENT PERSONALITY WHICH IS “IMMINENT DANGER BECAUSE SHE WOULD DRIVE DRUNK, GET INTO A CAR THE SAME, DO DRUGS TO THE EXTENT OF OVER DOSE. CAN SHE ACT, YES AND MAKE HER SEEM OK, THE ABSOLUTE BEST. BUT a strong witness of her life showing a move to very dangerous activities and Psychologist’s testimony, may work?    What do you think, some where we need to protect these mentally ill, genius before they get strung out on herion and dead or never the same. PLASE HELP US SAVE A GENIUS WHO IF SUCCESSFUL, YOU WILL SEE ART WORK NOT SEEN IN DECADES. Customer   DENNIS A MOST LOVING FATHER
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Fran-mod replied 6 years ago.

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