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I am a business owner and have been one for many years. A compliant

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I am a business owner and have been one for many years. A compliant was filed with the FBI recently un beknown to us. We found out that a compliant had been filed from a business associate that had said a special agent contacted him and told him" XYZ( our) company is inolved in frivouls activities pertaining to ABC and have been dealing with jkl. We were heard that we were shocked , not only was it the first we have heard of this, but we also had no partnership dealings with the other parties mentoined. Since then we were able to find out what the unfounded accusation was about and have realized that our name has been thrown in the middle. We had nothing to do with those events and have a ton of eviednce to rove. My questions is it legal for an FBI agent who has subpena your bank info and emails to call up random peole and slander your good name whent..1. they did not complain, 2. he has his facts mistaken 3. we were not contacted about the acusation. 4. we have never been approarched for an interview to prove we did nothing wrong...can I sue or complian to the offfice of standards? for slander or defamation, it has hit my business hard
Hello there:

Law enforcement officials are not immune from civil prosecution for defamation simply because the defamation occurs during the course of an investigation; this includes FBI agents. It is irrelevant whether the person contacted complains, whether you were contacted about the accusations, or whether you had ever been approached. What is relevant is whether the agent (1) made a false statement (2) that caused public contempt, ridicule or disgrace or caused others to think badly of you (3) and it was made to a third party.

I'm sorry that this happened to you. I hope that this helps.
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