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Do you know if it would be a good idea to sue the Police Department

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Do you know if it would be a good idea to sue the Police Department where I live? what is going on is... my husband is a police officer in dallas, tx, we live in a subard next to dallas. I have a 17 year old daughter and when she was 15 she rolled the car that she was driving, she walked out just with body hurting and that it.the police came and shouved her face in the cement in the parking lot and puncher her twice in the mouth, this pass June 2010 her and 2 of her friends were at most of the day and we all knew she was 5 weeks pregnate. Her and the 2 friends drove to a mcdonals drive thru, she said all of sudden there were cop cars under cover cars and trucks surrounding her friends car with ther guns to the heads. she was scared because she know that they did nothing wrong. They all 3 got out of the car and ashle started backen up to call her dad, the bigest cop ther told her i wont you phone she said i need to call my parents and her told her f... no b.... u are not geten daddy involved, she started screeming im pregnat no, and her friends were also and some of the mcdonads coustmers ran out to and was yellen that she said she is pregnate, the fat cop said i dont give a g damn that b.... is going to loose that baby then, he grabed her body slamed her on the care, smashed her face down on the car then another police man ran and jumped on the back of the other cop that was still on top of her to put extra pressure on her belley. They only found a little weed in that car but all 3 kids went to jail. While she was in there they let her call and talk to me for 4 hours, while we were talking she started telling me that she was hurting a bit later on she said mama i smell something bad, like something is dead. I said oh no go to the bathroom, she did and told me she was bleeding, I ask the cop that was in charge to get an ambulanc fast because of the bleeding. He asked his boss and her nope iam not, that is not a life or death matter,not only her life was in danger her baby was to, i got her out the next evening and took her to the hospital. there she had a sono and she had a big tear from the placenta and her stomach wall. 1 week befor this happened she went and has a sono at a planned parenthood and that sono showed no tear. the doctor said she will probley never have another baby because of the truma she went thru. Tell me what kind of attorney i need to get and how would we go about doing a lawsuit on a policedepartment?
It certainly sounds as if your daughter's civil rights were violated by the police officer. You would want a civil rights attorney to sue the police department and the officer in particular. It is important that you not wait, as these cases often hinge on preserving the evidence of the stop and locating witnesses. If the police are found liable in this claim, in addition to regular damages, your daughter may be entitled to punitive damages and her attorney fees. The following link will assist you in locating a civil rights attorney in your area:
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