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I was arrested in June for DWI. It was my first offense. My

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I was arrested in June for DWI. It was my first offense. My lawyer got me a plea deal with a reduced charge of reckless driving. In return, I would have to pay the $620.00 fine, be evaluated for alcohol abuse, and lose my license for 90 days. I took the deal and fulfilled my obligations. I was supposed to be able to get my license on November 1st. The DMV refuses to restore my license until February. My lawyer keeps saying "he is working on it" and the issue has to do with the police cheif and the prosecutor. I don't know what to do. Also, my lawyer insists I will not have to get SR-22 insurance, but at this point, I am not sure and I am losing faith in him. Is this legal malpractice?

The delay or inability of your lawyer to get your you license back before February does not seem to be any type of malpractice but only a delay, as he told you he is working on it. Try and get more details out of him and see exactly what that means, what the delay is and what needs to be done. See what the relation is between the police chief and the prosecutor is, which is preventing this from happening. Since the DWI was reduced, you should not have to carry SR-22 for the reckless driving charge. However, the suspension is something that needs to be done with. Normally, the DMV suspension is different from a Court suspension, so that could be the problem.

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