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Can I file criminal charges against a contractor for breach

Resolved Question:

Can I file criminal charges against a contractor for breach of contract, theft, fraud.personal damage. CONTRACT SIGNED on Aug.2nd. for 11,000 to install /replace exsisting deck. Deck to be completed by Sept.3rd. CONTRACTOR REQUESTED 6,500 to start. Another 3,500 when framing was completed. Aug 9th. contractor said framing was completed. We gave the contractor the 3,500. Come to find out that the contractor had not obtained the required city permit to start the work . He did get the prmit later that week and was going to have the city inspector come to give aooroval saying framing was completed. inspecttor came and did not approval, saying the framing was only parcially done Approval was not recieved until early Sept..From Sept 9th to SEPT.29 very little work was done . On Sept 29 wife called contractor to ask when is going to get our deck completed, He told her he was having the decking material being loaded on his trailer and would have it over that morning. At 14:30 the wife calle
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 6 years ago.
You can attempt to do all the above but your real calm that you can succeed on is a suit for breach of contract. The contractor did not meet the terms of the contract and by failing to complete the deck in a way that would be approved by the inspector. You can sue him in small claims court where you dont need to retain an attorney. Just go down to court to file your complaint for breach of contract.
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