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Me my wife & brother inlaw were arrested on nov 3,2009 By

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Me my wife & brother inlaw were arrested on nov 3,2009
By my neighbor. We spent 2 days in jail charges were droped,I would like to know if I can sue him or have him arrested for false imprisionment? Me & my neighbor had an argument we were both in our properties till my neighbor ran out towards my house & began kicking my gate & provoking me into a fight my wife was outside also & she went out to tell him to leave he did not comply so I went out to get my wife back on our property that's when my neighbor jumped on me & we began fighting long story short cops were called by neighbors 10 year old son
& cops arrested me & my family only, with charges raging from assault with a deadly weapon battery child endangerment etc etc. Thank you any input would really help!

In what state are you located?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Los Angeles California
Thank you for the additional information. You may have a claim of malicious prosecution against your neighbor, since you would basically need to show that charges were filed at the direction of your neighbor, that the charges were without merit, that your neighbor knew it was brought without merit, and the case was terminated in your favor. Since the case was dismissed, you may be able to prevail. If you are interested in pursuing it, you may want to contact a couple of general civil practice lawyers in your area to see if they want to take your case and what they can do for you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok but how long do I have to file a claim? This incident happened on 11-02-09. I have pictures of my injuries to my head & body also I was bare foot & my neighbor had steel toe boots!
The statute of limitations is 2 years, so you have until 2011 to file the claim.
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