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Here are some articles and video that explain my story better

Customer Question

Here are some articles and video that explain my story better than I am able to put it into words right now.

(the Tennessean news)

(News 5)

I have spoken with many different Lawyers (none of whom specialize or even feel equipped to deal with this matter for me civilly) who tell me that I need a civil attorney to deal with this matter. I have been told that I have a case for emotional distress and maybe more against Williamson County, Rolling Hills Hospital, the Parents of the defendant, and the defendant.

I have sought an order of protection, at the same time while the spring hill police department (SHPD) sought bond conditions. Because of this the bond conditions were given as well as an exparte order of protection (the order of protection was given a day before the bond conditions) But both pieces of paper were served to the defendant at the same time by Detective Foster with SHPD (who served Mr Bange in AL, where he had left TN)

I recently had a date for the hearing on the Exparte order of protection in front of Judge Andre in Williamson County General sessions (monday the 27th of Sept) Where Atty/ Judge Lonnie Hoover represented Mr Bange and let Judge Denise Andre know that his client was in Rolling hills mental hospital again, because he was breaking out in hives, hyperventilating and having anxiety surrounding this case so he could not be in court. The atty for the defendant asked for it to be reset for Friday (oct 1st) in Judge Nations court. (who the atty for the defendant and Judge Nations are VERY good friends) Judge Andre, when I was in front of her was VERY appropriate for both parties, she also was very appropriate with me. I do understand that an order of protection by law in Williamson county is for domestic situations, so I did not expect to have it granted by either judge, but I sought it because at the time I had NO BOND CONDITIONS and I had to find a way to protect my family, and I could not afford the $1500.00 that all attorneys were wanting to charge me for a stay away order.

But since I didn't have bond conditions at the time I had to try to get something in place to keep him away from myself and my family. He was sent to rolling hills when he was arrested (for hearing voices and not taking his psychotropic medication for 3 weeks, although he had the presence of mind to ask for a lawyer). Rolling Hills FAILED to inform SHPD or WCSH that they released him even though he was taken there in a squad car with 3 felony warrants (one a class b) and two misdemeanor warrants. He was picked up by his parents and the next day stopped by the SHPD, spoke with det Foster who was shocked to see him. Det Foster has since told me that Mr Bange told him "Rolling Hills said I need to make this right", like he stole a bike or something. The SHPD transported him to WCSO for booking and a possible bond out, this is where the largest problem came about. The Magistrate (NOT JUDGE, Judges Secretary) set his bond at $9500.00 and NO bond conditions at all, not even an order to leave me alone. If he lived in Nashville or another town maybe this wouldn't be a big deal but he lives 50 yards from my front door with his parents. So from Sat morning that weekend until Monday when I applied for an exparte protection order, I had to deal with him standing at the edge of his drive smoking cig after cig staring at my home, I did not know he was out yet so I decided to take my daughter and take the dog for a walk, only to have him wave at me and say "hi how are you doing?" COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE!

The SHPD actually placed a car in front of my home in the vacant home across from me to help protect me for the weekend. Not only did they do that, they also stayed with me on sat and sun a few hours and made multiple visits to the defendants home to ask him to PLEASE leave me alone. He didn't care, he still rode his motorcycle by my home making sure to pull up at my front yard in front of the window where I sleep and rev his engine so I would know he was there and ten when he saw the curtains part he would wave.

Finally on Monday I got to go to the courthouse and request the Order of protection, and the SHPD (who by the way asked the magistrate for a stalking and harassment warrant and were told that she would not sign it) went to the Judge and asked the judges for bond conditions. By monday His parents had driven him to AL (out of state) to an aunts home, where on Tuesday my Order of protection and the bond conditions were served to him by Det Foster.

Flash forward to Oct 1st when we had the final hearing on the Order of Protection, and Judge Nations would not let me speak to explain why I felt so in danger. Mr Banges lawyer (I understand defending his client is his job but..... rude is not necessary, and personal attacks on me being the victim are not either.) Spoke up and said that since my son would be 19 in a month and 9 days (by the way he will not be 18 he will be 17) that it is inappropriate to protect my children... (WHAT!!!!) and that I was not alone at the time of the attack that my "roommate or whatever was at home and didn't hear a thing". (my "roommate" is actually my legal spouse in 7 states and a woman and has nothing to do with the fact that his client attempted to rape me in my sleep.) I had witnesses that were there that could tell how he was stalking me and harassing me, but they were not allowed to be heard. The Order of protection was dismissed and nothing was added to his bond conditions that would state that he HAD to take his medication to keep him safe from harming anyone else. The defendants dr evidently (according to MR Bange) ordered his drugs for bipolar schizophrenia to be taken PRN. (WHO DOES THAT??) The defendants parents are telling everyone that (as is his lawyer) that I misconstrued what his intentions were on Sept 2nd, and that he was only in my living room uninvited because he was locked out of his home and he needed help. Well if he had knocked on the door, I would have let him in and found a way to help him, but he did not knock, or ring the doorbell as a matter of fact I awoke to him standing over me with a screwdriver where I said "who are you and what do you want?" to which he replied "my name is ....... (cant remember the name he used) and I WANT YOUR ASS!) There is a big difference between I want your ass! and can you help me?

His step dad came over and apologized to me the day after it happened, sat in my living room and told me that he has a problem and that he was VERY sorry that all this happened to me and that Mr Bange was not welcome in his home again, because they cannot take his antics any longer, because they have had problems from him in the past. Yet now they are fighting to keep him in their home, and in fact are paying for his atty, as well as now pretty much saying that I asked for it or don't know the difference between an attempted rape and a person asking for help.

The parents know he has to be medicated, his Step dad told me in my living room that he has trouble getting him to stay on his medication because "his mother coddles him, and makes excuses for him." By bringing him back to their home after this happened and they knew that he had a problem, yet they took accountability to him taking his medication I feel they are responsible for his erratic behavior as they leave him alone in that home more than not, and they bailed him out when they could have left him in jail where his medication would have been given. They also are paying for his defense. It is completely inappropriate in my eyes even as a mother that if my child were like MR Bange and I brought him back home it is my doing if he continues his inappropriate behavior. In fact i do have a daughter with mental illness that will be 18 years old very soon. But I monitor her medication and even as she grows older i have safe guards put in place to help her every step of the way to be a positive member of society. I also raised my own brother who is schizophrenic traumatic brain injury, he lived in my home until he was 24 years old, and I helped to get him services to help him have a normal life without harming anyone, now he is married with 4 beautiful children. I am not against mentally ill people as a matter of fact I am a psych student graduating very soon.

I know I have gone on and on, and given you a lot to read but this story has so many twists and turns, and is causing such a large stir in my community that I feel like I have to stand up for the women that may be his future victims and are not strong enough to do so.

I have been to my own personal dr multiple times an emotional wreck, and I have been to my psychologist and am attending therapy every week now where I used to see my psychologist every 6 months or once a year for just a mental health check up. Now I have a diagnosis of PTSD and the more he and his family do and say towards me the harder it gets. I have added new windows to my home, in fact some are boarded up from the inside to keep people out, I have got an alarm system, my children are not allowed to have friends over, we keep our home locked at all times, my friends and family have to call before coming over now rather than just showing up and ringing the bell.

This situation is causing so much distress not only to my household but also to a few of my neighbors who are urging me to get a lawyer and make a statement that neighborhoods will not be terrorized like we have been since Sept 2nd 2010.

There are many issues, but at this point this incidence so far has cost me new more secure windows, a new lock for the front door, a new back door an alarm system, my piece of mind, my children are fearful. We all JUMP every time a noise happens outside. I am being medicated for PTSD and i feel like there were many people who could have kept me safe but instead I had to barricade myself in my home until Monday when I could get a restraining order.

What is my recourse as the victim? I had to use the media to put pressure on the perpetrator to make sure I was safe as the police had their hands tied by the magistrate.

So what can I do? I know i will have to go through his criminal trial, but what recourse do I have to help get my life back on track when I am so afraid, and my children are so afraid? And we used money that was for bills to create a more secure environment.

Thank you for reading and HOPEFULLY responding to my cry for help. I am sorry it was so long, but it is hard to type things out that in a phone conversation may take a few moments of q & a to get covered. I don't know the information you would need so I tried to cover all the bases.

If you cannot help please can you point me in the right direction to who can help me?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was trying to find out how to get a refund, since I did not get a reply.. how would I go about just retracting my question and obtaining a refund?
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Sorry we haven't yet been able to help you with this. I can see it is a difficult matter, and you've certainly brought it to the attention of your community, even involving the media.


I can process a refund and lock the matter for privacy if you wish. Or you can continue to leave it open in case someon comes up with something you haven't already tried.


Let me know.