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in new york city if i have gun lic and get a disorderly condut

Customer Question

in new york city if i have gun lic and get a disorderly condut can my lic be taken alway
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  bob2231 replied 6 years ago.
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Expert:  bob2231 replied 6 years ago.
I'm going to give you a link to a New York legal society page that discusses the general laws and procedures in New York.
Unfortunately,all I can find is that "certain categories" of disorderly conduct can allow them to revoke your license.It would most likely be the same list that would prohibit your getting the permit in the first place.Public Intoxication probably,anything having to do with domestic violence,things along that line.
Look over the information at the link,and I'll opt out so that someone familiar with New York law can help.
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 6 years ago.

A disorderly conduct in NYS (240.20) is a violation and not a crime. That said, a NYC firearms permit is discretionary. And even though the infraction you are talking about is less than a misdemeanor and not a serious offense, if what you were alleged to have done shows you to be someone who lacks the moral character to have a firearms permit, the authorities will not renew it.

See the Section of the NYC Administrative Code below which lays out what can cost you your city license:

b. No license shall be issued or renewed pursuant to this section except by the police commissioner, and then only after investigation and finding that all statements in a proper application for a license or renewal are true. No license shall be issued or renewed except for any applicant:
(1) of good moral character;
(2) who has not been convicted anywhere of a felony or of any serious offense;
(3) who has stated whether he or she has ever suffered any mental illness or been confined to any hospital or institution, public or private, for mental illness and who is free from any mental disorder, defects or diseases that would impair the ability safely to possess or use a firearm, rifle or shotgun; and
(4) concerning whom no good cause exists for the denial of a license.

If you don't have a NYC firearms permit but have a NYS license for your gun, you have no right to possess your firearm in NYC at all. The only exception for that would be if you have the handgun in a locked container and you are passing through NYC in one continuous non-stop trip. Otherwise, yes, you will lose your license.