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a lawyer is missing cannot be reach by phone in a year ,the

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a lawyer is missing cannot be reach by phone in a year ,the firm is filling court briefs and has used 5 different signatures on briefs misleading the court that he still is with the firm , he has never been in court, or pretrial, someone is forging his name onto motions to court, he works for a plaintiff in a foreclosure , the judge has ignored thee forgery , turn a blind eye , we have pointed out this to the judge he doees not care, can i ask for superior court help ,case is pending in a corrupt state court,they do what they want to ,what should i do?
You can contact the Bar Association and look up this attorney. They likely need to provide the Bar with their current address of employment. If it varies from the pleadings that are being filed, you could file a report with the Bar that this attorneys name needs to be removed.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
what would be the net affect of the removal of the plaintiffs lead counsel , will forgeries be removed from docket,? how long is this process ? thanks i will accept answer so that you may be paid.
Sorry for the delay.If the attorney has left the firm, another attorney will take over. If the attorney did not sign the document himself and he either 1) left the firm and his named was forged or 2) had someone else sign his name, it would result in the documents being invalid and a possible bar complaint and discipline. The Judge may also decide to dismiss the case and sanction the attorney/firm. Thank you for allowing me to answer your question and good luck. Please click the accept button so I can get credit for my answer.
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