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ok my son went to arraignment and was told his theft one charge

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my son went to arraignment and was told his theft one charge was dropped but the DA is keeping it open for 1 year our lawyer told us it is 75 % they would not pursue this further I am worried about the store going after this further a friend told my son they still have the stuff they took back from his place in the back room of the store worried about the odds of this not being over the lawyer told my son he would get the arrest expunged and get his concealed weapons license re-instated with the money he did not have to use. What are our odds with this whole thing does anyone know how aggressive Target is?

You've asked this question a couple of times now, but as you seem to want to hear multiple opinions, I don't think that your son has anything to worry about.

The DA's has complete discretion as to what offenses it will prosecute and exactly how they will handle the matter. The DA has already made the determination to dismiss the charge and even if Target doesn't like that, it's no longer Target's call. The DA is keeping the matter open just in case your son does something silly like return to Target and commit another offense, or get into some similar kind of difficulty with the law somewhere else.

If he's learned his lesson and stays out of further trouble, the odds of anything happening further on this matter are just about zero.
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