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An incident occured last December that Ive been afraid to

Customer Question

An incident occured last December that I've been afraid to report due to potential retaliation. A neighbor, who happens to be in a wheelchair, came on to my property to talk and visit with me. We were friends with him, his sister and brother in law. I came home early from work for a dentist appointment. I noticed he had "rolled" into my driveway, so I went outside to see what he wanted. The man began speaking to me, and the conversation turned inappropriate into a sexual sense. That is when he was grabbed the ends of my scarf, crossed them and began to pull me towards him. The scarf was tight against my neck. Because of his angle being in a wheelchair, he was cutting off my breathing. I pulled backwards and went back into my home. I left shortly afterwards for the apointment. I advised my husband when I returned home the same day; he had returned home from work while I was at the dentist. The harassment has continued due to the neighbor's refusal to admit what he did and now is very bad for us. He has been watching me and my 3 year old daughter's every move, until my husband found him outside of our home this past week peering in my bedroom window just before 6am. He filed a report stating I am walking in front of windows nude, which is an absolute lie. This man is a threat to me. He waves to my daughter everyday and feels like he has the law on his side. I am a prisoner in my own home. What can I do? My husband is an Iraqi War veteran with PTSD. I am so afraid he wants to push him to snap. Please advise and my apologies for the lenght of this question. Thank you kindly. Kathleen
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 6 years ago.
The obvious answer is to file for an injunction and/or protective order against him. Based on your facts you have a good chance of the judge granting it, particularly since you have kids and he was peeking in your window before daylight. Him being in a wheelchair is obviously going to be an issue, but a good lawyer can defuse it.

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