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I have a federal lawsuit filed in a case where my house was

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I have a federal lawsuit filed in a case where my house was illegaly searched for a security camera inside the house.I am trying to ID the policeman involved because the officer refused to ID himself.He was in a police car and it was late evening.I spoke to his watch supervisor immediately (I have phone records -is this good evidence?)and he said there would be a report written but there never was. i believe I can ID the patrolman if I can get a picture list of the policeman from 2008 when the event occurred.Who do i ask for the pictures ,the court or the opponents lawyers?Are they required to give them to me.I am deposed.Will my other witnesses including 2 attys also be deposed?I began taking pictures of police calls in regard to my case,because I found out that they were not writing reports and I have already turned this over.My lawyer advised me to do this because the police do not keep good records and fail to write reports.They involve complaints about characters from a halfway house.We can show 2 instances where a crime was committed but no report made. Would this back me up in my claim about the illegal search? There was no report made but I did write down the conversation regarding the illegal search and what the patrolman said to me.(Plus the phone records to hid supervisor).In discovery should I turn over this conversation? Is more in regard to discovery always better if it is the truth?also there is currently another federal suite in the works very similar to mine.Can I use this to my benefit ? How?



You certainly do have a lot going on so let me see if I can assist you.


If your attorney subpoenas photos, then you are entitled to them, unless the other side can say and establish they are not relevant. The subpoena is always served on to the attorneys.


I cannot say if your witnesses will also be deposed. It is possible. And, I don't know why they would depose your attorneys - are you talking about current counsel or past?


You evidence that your attorney wants you to maintain, notes of police visits without reports could help support an illegal search. If there was no search warrant then it was illegal


If they are requesting your personal notes, then you attorney can oppose that request. You do not need to turn anything over that your attorney can show is privileged or irrelevant


I cannot comment on another lawsuit and whether or how it would be beneficial to you, because I am not privy to the facts of matters of that case. Actually, I can only offer guidance here as I am not privy to all your facts and matters






Customer: replied 7 years ago.

past counsel who advised me that the police were not keeping records of their calls.past counsel that advised me to make a log of times ,dates,events,names of police called in case the thing escalated.(It did)I currnetly don't have an atty but am being represented by a non-profit civilrights organization that has a staff atty but isn't licensed in story is on under Parkersburg police and it is a real stinker.They

(the opponents) haven't requested my personal notes but I have turned over the records of my past counsel as discovery.It helps proves my claim,but I don't want to turn everything over as discovery.I'm trying to show the Federal Court that I have a big file from my atty's office showing the complete lack of police cooperation.I'm trying to be honest and forthright but am finding the opponent is most definitely not the same.Would it be advisable at this point to stop volunteering discovery to the court ?Maybe I should back off and let the organization handle this.



I suggest, you do not continue to offer any information that is not being requested. However, if you are getting help from a non profit organization attorney, then you really need to listen to them. They have more information than you could ever really present here.


I am precluded from opening links posted on here.


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