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I am required to register as a Sex Offender due to a conviction

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I am required to register as a Sex Offender due to a conviction in the State of Colorado for Unlawful Sexual Contact (misdemeanor 1). I am permitted to petition the court, in Colorado, for relief of my duty to register after a period of 10 years. I was originally told that the 10 years is from my date of sentencing (2004), but have since heard others say that the 10 years is from my release from probation (2009). I would like to have a definitive answer as to when I will be permitted to petition the court and be granted relief of my duty to register. Do I need to wait until 2014 or 2019? If at that time, the Colorado judge says that I no longer must register, does that mean that I no longer must register anywhere (I no longer live in the State of Colorado)?

As I am reading the sex registration requirements from Colorados Convicted Sex Offender Site, the 10 year period would run from the completion of your probation. The language states:

"An offender may petition the court after the following time periods, which begin after the offender's final release from the jurisdiction of court, & only if the offender has not subsequently been convicted of a sex offense:

* Felony 1, 2, 3 (if not a quarterly offense) = 20 years
* Felony 4, 5, 6, or Misdemeanor 1 (Unlawful Sexual Contact, or 3rd Degree Sexual Assault, as it existed prior to 7/1/00) = 10 years
* Misdemeanor, not described above = 5 years
* Deferred judgment and sentence/adjudication = After successful completion of sentence and dismissal of case
* Less than 18 years old at adjudication = After successful completion of sentence
* Posted on Internet due to Failure to Register, per 18-3-412.5 (3.6)(a)(IV)(A), & has fully complied with all registration requirements for at least one year.

The court would still have jurisdiction over you until you were discharged from probation.

Sex offender registration requirements are not uniform throughout the country. If you are free from having to register in Colorado, it does not have to mean that you won't have to register elsewhere if the state in which you've chosen to reside has more restrictive requirements.
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