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California Traffic: I drive an unmarked cop car.

Customer Question

California Traffic:

I drive an unmarked cop car. Ive been pulled over plenty from officers(all departments) as I used to have no plates(no screws not smart, but I never do anything illegal etc..). Some took pictures of my car, or me. Most were amused, all let me go with no ticket/hassle.

Days before the incident I'm going to talk about I was pulled over from the Orange County Sheriff's department(villa park, ca). I live/have a Arizona drivers license(valid) and have since 2005. I guess my California license(taken from me when I got my AZ lic. in 2005), exp in 2008, but then was suspended in 2009 for old tickets(tint/proof of registration). I was pulled over for speeding, any way they towed my car for the suspended driving priviledges, and wrote me a unsafe speed ticket as well (a lot more happened, to the passenger in my car, tasered/arrested [this is for a different day/question heh ]).

Next day went to court early morning, corrected the issues at hand, and my driving privledge for california was un-suspended. I then contacted the department directly advised of the illegal speed trap(the road was not traffic/eng surveyed in the last 5 years), the DA rejected the officers ticket and I was clean/good to go(not so much for the passenger of my car, what a mess.)

On to my question/concern...

I ran into a cop in placentia ca on the wrong day. He said I ran the red(which Ive never done in my life I have a great driving record). He then proceeded to write me up for multiple tickets (window tint, windshield tint, sirens(not real, part of the car alarm/horn), no license plates, no proof of insurance(which I had, as well as had the ticket from days before showing the OCSD verified my insurance using the same paper I showed him), heh.(30 days later he went crazy when he saw me, ran a red, cars sliding around, him sliding, to pull me over and re-write all the fix it tickets(even though I advised him I just got into town and was going to correct and get the ticket written off later that day). Which I did from another police department(signed the ticket and business card).

Ive fixed/had everything corrected(except the siren), this is my safety horn, I dont want to disconnect/remove this, Ive never used the sirens, I never will. They are not air powered, its rigged into the car alarm for a horn (this is what the auction told me). They remove anything illegal.

This siren box is inside my car, he had to right to search my car, can I get this dropped/removed at all some how? What are my options?

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 7 years ago.

You can get it all dropped but you need to fix the tint and get license plates. Having a car that looks like a police car (is one for all purposes) and not being the police attracts a ton of attention so you need to go overboard here. But yes, your chances are more likely that the charges will all be dropped but you would have to deal with the license plate issue.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The tint and plates were fixed and written off the same day he wrote me the second ticket(I told him I was going to fix it that day and get it signed off, he still rewrote me them, and frabricated some charges[driving on the wrong side the the road, not yielding for an officer, and for no drivers license, though he took a picture of mine]).
I did a discovery and got his notes/pictures he took.
How do I get the sirens written off?
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 7 years ago.
You get the siren written off by proving it is part of your alarm system, but as long as it is connected to the horn and can be activated while the vehicle is in motion they will not write it off so you have to have it rewired to the alarm system.