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I had a appliance man over at my house when we had heated words

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I had a appliance man over at my house when we had heated words with each other and he pointed a screw driver at me. He refused to put my dishwasher back together so i took his tool box and said your not getting it back until you put the dishwasher back together. he left the front door and called the police and said I threathend him with a knife. The police came and asked me what happened and I told them what I just said above and they asked my wife and she told them that I didn't threathen him also with a knife but the cop said that the knife he discribe was exactly like the one in my kitchen and he dosen't believe me or my wife. he left and said that the report will go to a investagor and you might go to jail. what are my right and how should I handle this.
You shouldn't talk to the police any further, and respond to them by telling them you want to speak to an attorney first if they contact you any further.

I don't think they have enough to go on, and I doubt that the investigation will prove that they do, to establish any criminal charges against you.

However, if they do plan on putting you under arrest, they will need to get an arrest warrant, which necessitates probable cause, which from the facts as you've laid them out, will be difficult to prove at best.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so if the thay call can I reference thm to you as my lawyer or would you be interested in representing me in this situation? If so please let me have your contact information.
No, sorry, I can't represent you through justanswer, since the website rules don't allow experts to do outside business with customers.

However, you are entitled to an attorney free of cost (a public defender) and you do not actually need an attorney to request to speak to one if they contact you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so tell them i want to speak to there pulbic attorny if they call?
Yes, that you want to speak to an attorney before you talk to them, specifically a public defender.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
will they give me a public defender?
Yes, if they arrest you, but you don't have to speak to them prior to that, and since they will only use any information that they obtain to possibly charge you, you should refuse to speak to them if they call.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
so what you are saying to tell them if they call is that I'm not speaking about the incident anymore untill I am arrested and have a public defendent layer at my side? Correct? This is what I tell the investigator?
Yes, that's what you should tell the investigator.
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