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Trying to help a friend being held at 4th Ave. He has given

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Trying to help a friend being held at 4th Ave. He has given me his Power of Attorney per the form provided. We are arranging bail and I need a Cashier's Check from his bank to make all that work. They have given me their Power of Attorney form which I need completed to get the check and get him out. How can I make this happen. He has been assigned a Public Defender who I have tried to contact with no luck. My friend has tried to contact the PD as well with no luck. What are my options?



so he gave you a POA and it was signed and notarized?


when you say "they" are you referring to the bank? if so, did they say why they would not accept the form that you got from your friend?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The POA came from someone in the jail he talked to and it was notarized and quite detailed. It granted full access to two of his accounts. I stopped at the bank where money is being wired by a bank in Belgium and learned they will not honor the POA from the jail but required their own be used. The only apparent difference in the forms seems to be a requirement for a witness of his signiture in addition to the Notary.



thank you. that is what i thought, but wanted to be clear before i answered.


well, unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the jail's visitation hours. when they have visits you should go and then have him sign it. remember, it needs to be in front of a Notary so you may want to see if the bonds people have one available to go with you.

or you can call the jail and see if they will have a Notary there tomorrow during visitation.


it is the Friday before a holiday, so you are not going to be able to get in touch with his Public Defender.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am assuming you are not familiar with the workings of the 4th Ave jail visit arrangements as I know of no way to get the form to him. Only mail from a legal office or a post card is accepted for delivery as mail, and anything I carry in has not been accepted unless prior permission has been granted to him in the way of personal materials.

He also noted that the notary is only available on Thursday. We were hoping the PD was a notary or could arrange for one to accompany her to execute the document.



thank you for that information.


unfortunately, you will need to get the PD on Tuesday, as i am sure they are closed on Monday for the holiday. and then the PD can take it in and get it done.


there is no other way unless you can make arrangements with the supervising CO who may allow you to bring it in during a visit.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was looking for another avenue we hadn't explored. The PD has been less than responsive, before the holiday break. Is there a means of getting a response from the PD beyond an unanswered phone messages?



sorry. that just won't happen


i wish there were other avenues. and if there were, i would have provided them. unless you can get the supervising correctional officer to allow you and a Notary in then you will need to wait until Tuesday.

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