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At a friends house another person came by where I was visting

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At a friends house another person came by where I was visting a mutual friend, He brought a gun in with him the owner ask 5-6 times to remove the gun.The man proceeded to unload the gun, the owner ask him several more times remove the gun from my house. The man (Bo) loaded it again, told the owner it was on safety and told the owner I will show you, pointed the gun toward my friend, home owner, and then pointed it towards me then put it in the middle of us and pulled the trigger. The sound was deafening we were not hit and throu Gods grace it missed his 17 yr. old in the next room. We made a police report and put him in jail. He is charged with "deadly conduct". It has not gone to court, in this town it will probaly be a year. Do I have any legal options open to me?
Thanks for your question.You should call police here if this person comes near your house again.You would have to obtain lawyer here if you wanted to seek restraining orders ot keep him away from you.You can check with prosecutor to see if they set terms of bail to not have contact with you or your home, to me this is reasonable.You have civil remedies here to seek restraining order upon request with a local civil lawyer.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
After him posting a bond that was only for 10,000[1000] dollars, he was out and the police said I could not file a restrint order unless he came to my house or called me. To me he should of been charged with attemped murder. I would like to know if I can do anything legally to him. A civil case? Please explain to me what I need to do. or who to talk to.
Well you would need lawyer here.It woudl be possible here to file civil suit for damages for the negligent discharge here of the weapon and to seek damages including mental anguish.You woudl be looking for a local civil trial lawyer.To me you might well spend your time looking for such a lawyer and see how the criminal turns out.A conviction here makes a civil case pretty easy so you probably wouldn't file until then anyway.
RayAnswers and 2 other Criminal Law Specialists are ready to help you