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My Son was arrested in 2002 for manufactureing methanthemine.

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My Son was arrested in 2002 for manufactureing methanthemine. He didn't go to prison, but was senctenced to something simular to probation...communtiy something. He hasn't had more then traffic volition since. The 3rd of July Officals were called thur 800# XXXXX a meth lab in His home. A search was made, there was nothing meth there, although He tested positive for it, oxycotton and t h c. He had several pot plants 4" high and smaller growning in planters in His home. He has since began drug classes and His drug test come back clean. I would like to know what kind of sentance He would be looking at. He will have to have Public Defender.

Do you know what he is currently charged with?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As of yet He hasn't been charges. They ask Him to be a confidental informant. He agreed, signed a paper to such. He thought it would involve drug bust. It turns out They want Him to record Someone wanting to hire a hitman, this Someone has appearently already killed Another Person, They want Him admitting that too. My Son is very frightened...He has Wife and Children, and much other Family in that area. The man He is to record has many connections of a bad kind and much money. I thought perhaps He would be better off taking the punishment He has coming.
Thanks for the additional information. For cultivation of less than 10 plants, he is facing a felony that carries 1 to 6 years in jail and/or a $5000 fine. Given that he has a prior drug felony, it is probable that he would get something that is on the higher end of that range.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I was in contact with Just Answer the first part of July, and was given this same info. He was willing to do this time, but He spoke to Our Family Lawyer here in Mo. and was told He would get 8 to 15 years in prison and probably the top end of that if He failed to proceed being a C.I. He's having a hard time wrapping His mind around 15 years. Is it possible Our Lawyer is mistaken? I think there were less then 10 plants...but not positive, and can't call Him at this time as He is at work.
His attorney may be aware of additional charges that could be lodged against him based on information I don't have. But based on the information you have provided, six years is the max. If he had 10 or more plants, the maximum would go up to twelve years. I do agree with the attorney's assessment that the penalty will be at the higher end of the range due to the prior, however.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Would You happen to know...How much time or percentage is served on a sentance before a person is eligable for parole in Tn.

I don't,'s more of a parole board issue than a court issue, and it will depend on what he is charged with/convicted of.
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