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How can I effectively complain about a probation officer

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How can I effectively complain about a probation officer? I was suppose to report on June 3, 2010 and was unable because I had to work overtime (mandatory). I called the probation office trying to reach my probation officer to reschedule my report date, he was not available. I called several times that day. I then called the county that my probation orginated from and was told to keep calling the probation officer but keep them(chatham county) posted about what was going on. As of June 6, 2010 I still haven't spoken with the probation officer (who happens to be the supervisor of all the probation officers). I have done everything I've been required to do regarding my probation, i.e. community service, paying restitution monthly, reporting monthly. I am not trying to be violated because of a probation officer's incompentance. How and who do I complain to in order to get this resolved?



that is so annoying. you need to go to his supervisor. the county should be able to provide that contact information. as well, they can supply you the name of the Probation Director under the Departmen of Public Safety so you can contact him/her and let them know about the agent.


try to put everything in writing in some type of log diary to show that you have made all efforts to contact your agent. additionally, be sure to have time records from your employer showing that you were indeed on the job and that is why you had to call.


and, of course, as a last resort you will need to go directly into the office and have direct contact.



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