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hey, i got a mip when i was on probation for my first mip.

Resolved Question:

hey, i got a mip when i was on probation for my first mip. now i have court the 23 of this month for breaking my probation, and if i broke probation the judge said i would get 15days in jail this is in wyoming. now i work in colorado 7days a week and 12 hour days and i get about 2 days a month off and if i go to jail i will not have a job. how can i get out of the jail time to keep my job and pay me bills. or what do i do to help
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  AttorneyTom replied 7 years ago.

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Unfortunately, the best way to avoid getting violated is to avoid violating probation. Because you did so, the judge might give you the 15 days in jail that he promised.

Your best bet is to retain an attorney to help you try to defeat the MIP and handle the alleged violation. If your attorney can successfully defeat the charges, you may be able to avoid any additional negative consequences.

Judges often make such statements for a purpose and, realistically, the only way to keep from getting violated is often to ensure that you don't actually violate probation. The unfortunate fact is that such matters depend heavily on the judge's discretion and that of the probation officer.

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