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My daughter, a pro bono woman lawyer, and a domestic abuse

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My daughter, a pro bono woman lawyer, and a domestic abuse woman, used my daughters made up lies about me where she says that she is afraid of me, saying she does not want me in any contact with her, using one email where she says don't contact me, and has been in the safe house since Feb 29 when her boyfriend's father said she had to leave. She made up this story about me, and now I am slapped with a domestic abuse restraint for one year. My daughter has lied to me and my wife for three years about everything from where she was going to stealing money out of my wallet. It does not seem to discredit her because most of her lies are to us. So she is believed. I am 59 and have never broken the law and now I have this on my record. My daughter committed a felony i got exponged at 16 and truancy at school at 17 I paid $13,000 for her fall 2009 art college, she was 18. Now she does this to me.

What right do I have to appeal or dismiss or make a civil charge against her?
You should demand a trial for any criminal pending charge, and sue her for slander and defamation if the remarks are false, at this point if you already pled to criminal charge you cannot appeal, only if convicted after a trial can you appeal, a civil suit would be best.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
actually the state prosecuter has not yet file charges since malicious stalking will be hard to show, while this is pending, can I still sue for defamation of character ?

Also her claims of fear of me are unfounded, but believed by these domestic abuse people, my wife know that she is and has lied very often about me, but she is "maniplitively" the best at acting like a moral young lady while only a few friends and we know she sleeps around, gets drunk, does drugs including "cocain", HOW MUCH WEIGHT DOES MY WIFE TESTIMONY COUNT, my daughter has no other person who could say she was telling the truth. Is my testemony and my wife her mother out weigh hers?

If her statements are proven false and/or she perjurd herself on three sworn documents,
does that discredit her statements of "fear of me"?
I would sue, before the criminal case, and now as in a civil case, you can have her testimony of the events through discovery, and if you win the DA would not prosecute. In civil court you can win as it is the weight of the evidence standard, and her past can be brought up, your wife and your testimony will be better than hers, in a criminal case, their should be no problem, unless she has significant evidence.
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