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Homicide detectives can to my house about two weeks ago telling

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Homicide detectives can to my house about two weeks ago telling me that my ex is suspected of being an accomplice to murder and armed robbery. My ex and I are in a custody battle for my 8 month old daughter should I file for full custody or wait till an arrest is made.

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Did the detectives give you any information as to when they believe an arrest would be made? Where was your child when this was occurring
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

No homicide did not say anything about when an arrest will be made. Based on the questions that they were asking it seems as if they want to get more dirt on her. Her current boyfriend was caught with over one million in jewelry but they cant pin the murder on him because they never found the gun. All they found was a bullet proof vest and some bullets. I figure once they charge him with the murder she will most likely go down with him. My daughter is currently with the mother. She has no idea that I know about this. A 71 year old man was killed during the robbery.


It appears that your child is in a very dangerous environment. I do suggest that you ask the court to award you full custody at this time. You may also want to consider speaking with the homicide detectives and requesting that if an arrest is going to be made that you be notified so that you may take custody of your child and your child not be placed with child protective services.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One more thing if I file for full custody wont that tip her off that I know and that homicide is on her trail
Yes it may. The alternative is that your child is in an unsafe environment and your wife may take the child on the lam
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