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Husband charged w/ aggravated assault w/ a deadly weapon w/o

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Husband charged w/ aggravated assault w/ a deadly weapon w/o intent to kill. Shot was unintentionally fired.
Prosecutor set on offering 3 years jail time. SELF DEFENSE CASE. If we lose in court 20 year minimum. What can we do in the early stages to help ourselves?

Thank you for the post, in the early stages you can and should establish contact with any character witnesses (your attorney is probably already doing this or preparing to do this). Offers are usually produced prior to trial, and throughout trial if the defense has a chance of beating the charge.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I've been finding all of the character witnesses I can. We were attacked at our shop by a drug addict and his friend that actively uses with him. They were both drunk and belligerent. The man tried to rip my husband out of the truck when we were trying to get away. I froze and my husband couldn't find the keys so he took his gun out to deter the man. During the struggle my husband's gun went off shooting out the driver's side window. I'm now 4 months pregnant and terrified at the thought of him going to jail for something so ridiculous. The two men are saying that my husband said "I'll kill you" and "I'll shoot you" and that he struck the man first, which NEVER HAPPENED. If 3 years is the first offer do we have a good chance of walking away without any jail time?
Yes, given the circumstances, especially if there is a jury trial, you have a good chance of beating the charge and not having to do any jail time.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there anything we should ask our lawyer when we meet with him tomorrow?
Yes, you should ask him about his strategy and what character evidence he expects to present. Also, you should discuss what, if anything, he knows of the prosecutor's personality and whether there is a likelihood he can negotiate a plea of probation.
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