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If I am a convicted felon Can I own a firearm in NYS if I have

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If I am a convicted felon Can I own a firearm in NYS if I have a Certificate of Release from Civil Disabilities



under NY law


  • A conviction of the crime or offense specified on the face of the certificate shall not cause automatic forfeiture of any license, permit, employment or franchise, including the right to register for or vote at an election, or automatic forfeiture of any other right or privilege, held by an eligible offender and covered by the certificate. Nor shall such conviction be deemed to be a conviction within the meaning of any provision of law that imposes, by reason of a conviction, a bar to any employment, a disability to exercise any right or a disability to apply for or receive any license, permit or other authority or privilege, covered by the certificate. Provided, however, that no such certificate shall apply, or be construed so as to apply, to the right of such person to retain or to be eligible for public office.

  • A conviction of the crime or the offense specified on the face of the certificate shall not prevent any judicial, administrative, licensing or other body, board or authority from relying upon the conviction specified on the certificate as the basis for the exercise of its discretionary power to suspend, revoke, refuse to issue or renew any license, permit or other authority or privilege.

    moreover, when you apply you will need to checj the proper box as indicated wherein you are specifically requesting the right to possess, own, purchase a firearm - the instructions are as follows:


  • If the applicant is seeking to obtain a license to own or carry a firearm after a criminal conviction, check box C and after the word enumerated, print "relief from disability barring registrant from obtaining a valid New York State license to carry a firearm."

    additionally, with the Certificate, you can vote, serve on a jury and run for elected office.



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