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I live in Washington State.... I recieved a notice in the

Resolved Question:

I live in Washington State....
I recieved a notice in the mail from the City of Puyallup that a car registered to me ran one of those red light cameras.
I was at work that day....easy to prove...
I'm pretty sure I know who was driving the car....but have chosen not to ask him/her
So, Puyallup is telling me I MUST put the driver's name on the 'Declaration of Non-Liability' form or I must request a court date....
So I'm wondering 1) Puyallup already has me listed as 'defendant'---can they really do that without proof?
2) Is it 'worth it' to press the case to court...what will I be most likely be asked etc...
I just feel like this is a form of 'tattle-tailing' on your neibior...with the demand of either/or--orelse!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Ely replied 7 years ago.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am one of JustAnswer's attorneys. I'll be helping you resolve your matter today.

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(1) Yes, they can. Since your name is XXXXX XXXXX car, it are assumed that you were driving it. They don't look at every photo taken by the red light camera to compare the likeness to the driver's license. So if you do not list someone else, they will assume it's you and you'll have a hard time proving otherwise if you do not tell them who the other party is.(2) Well, that depends. How much is the ticket? You can just pay it, or press for trial, but it may not be worth it - you'd have to come back 2 more times, and if you lose (likely), a record and a large fine await you. Of course you CAN hire an attorney to fight it for you, and they MAY dismiss it on a procedural error or something, but you’d end up paying the attorney MORE that you would pay the for a program that would keep the ticket off your record anyways. Practicality over principle here makes more sense. Traffic tickets are a cash cow for counties and municipalities – it’s not about fairness here; it’s about revenue for them. I'd say pay it, cut your losses, and go...

Best of luck in your matter. I'm here if you need any more clarification or follow up information.

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