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I am a 62 yr. old resident of Az. now, on social security.

Resolved Question:

I am a 62 yr. old resident of Az. now, on social security. Over 30 yrs. ago I was convicted of breaking & entering in Conn. I was released on time served and payed a fine. I have had no trouble since. I would like to be able to travel out of the country, vote and go hunting. Is there a possibility?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 7 years ago.

One can get a US passport with a felony conviction and travel out of the country, as long as you are not on probation, parole, or have a warrant against you. That much is easy.

From there, it gets a bit more complicated. Even though you are a resident of Arizona, all states give full faith and credit to another state's convictions. By that I mean, if you have a Connecticut felony conviction, no matter how long ago it was, and it hasn't been expunged or pardoned where your civil rights were restored -- including your right to bear arms -- you have lost both your Federal and state gun rights and only Connecticut would have the power to restore them for you.

If what you want to do is hunt, in order to get your gun rights back you would have to get your felony pardoned, or you civil rights restored or set aside, or (3) had his or her conviction expunged or set aside. If Connecticut would do any of these for you, then the Federal Government would not bar you from possessing and using a weapon in order to hunt.

There are lawyers who specialize in expungement and in the restoration of rights, including gun rights. These are, however, also something you could do without a lawyer, if you didn't find the procedure too confusing.

You could see if your crime could be expunged, here. States aren't generous about expungement, and you may not be eligible unless you first got your offense pardoned. To seek a pardon in Connecticut and to look into the restoration of your civil rights, you'd have to contact the Connecticut Board of Pardons in Waterbury. They do the screening for the governor. Pardons are rare, but someone like yourself who has been out of trouble for more than 30 years would have a better chance than most. In Connecticut voting rights can be restored by the local registrar upon a defendant's release from incarceration, payment of any fines, and the end of any period of parole.

Good luck!


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