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I was accused of bruising a child during the course of my work

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I was accused of bruising a child during the course of my work as an Educational Assistant at my school. Before the school conducted an investigation, the principal asked me to apologize to the family and presumed that I was guilty. She then relayed this to the family. In Reaction to this, the father of the child: a) wrote about the allegations on FACEBOOK, b) wrote a number of emails accusing me of abusing his child and sent this to a number of my colleagues at school, and c) later came to my school to beat me up - he threatened me with violence & put his hands on me at school & a teacher intervened to stop the violence. The allegations are false. Do you believe I need a lawyer at this point and if so, what kind of lawyer?



the guy sounds very dangerous. yes, you should consider consulting with a local attorney about this matter. if you are concerned you may be charged criminally with an assault on the child then i suggest a criminal defense attorney


i also think you should explain the comments made on the facebook page as they appear to be borderline defamatory - the thing is you already apologized so he is only posting the facts as he understands them to be - so it is something you would want to discuss


also, if he laid his hands on you with an intent to harm you, you can also file criminal charges against him by filing a police report about the incident.


again, at this time a criminal defense attorney would be your best bet



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