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Samuel II
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I was arrested on a warrant I didnt even know I had. Im a

Customer Question

I was arrested on a warrant I didn't even know I had. I'm a vicim of fraud and in Nevada a bad check is a felony.My husband went off. He recently became an alcoholic so that night he was pulled over on a DUI and apparantly hit my five year old. Cps placed my kids in foster home since the only other family we have is in ca. My stepdaughters from ca came to bail me out and it took 4 long days to get my children back. Cps set up a case plan including getting a restrainting order against my husband who is still in jail. Also in the case plan included me coming to ca with my stepdaughters who are my support for time being. Now the DA on the criminal side is pissed off cps allowed us to go and demands for them to get us to come back and take my children from me again. They're only doing this to make it easier to subpoena my five year old son to testify against his dad. Can they do this to my family? My kids have been through enough.Please help
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 7 years ago.



you will need the help of an attorney who can practice in NV. contact the CA Bar Association - here is that information - request an attorney who is licensed in NV. or you might have to contact the NV Bar Association and here is that information. but many times, you can find a CA attorney who is licensed in NV, too.


the NV prosecutor can do what they feel in in the best interests of the children. so getting an attorney is your best bet.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Well we already have kids and now it's like a battle between agencies. CPA themselves are totally on our side. How can we file objections to elko county district court if we are in Los Angeles county. Their sending us copies of their meetings that they therby have a judge sign. I don't understand how there able to make demands lik that we have 72 hours to respond or their will be a writ sent out for removal of the kids. We don't have the resources to get down there especially within that time frame. There must be some Orders their sending that don't apply since we are out of state. We did not kidnap kids we have a contract allowing us to leave can they give kids back and within one week request to take back. Their human beings with feelings. One is 5 the other 18 months. There is no abuse charges on anyone around the kids at this time.

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