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Would any assistance or intervention be available to a twice-wounded,

Resolved Question:

Would any assistance or intervention be available to a twice-wounded, 100% disable Vietnam veteran in regard to a charge in New York State of aggravated (over .18 bac) drunken driving case? I have a lawyer, but he doesn't seem to be optimistic about the chances of lowering the charge. The attorney happens to be a friend of one of my sons, a smart, very nice guy, but he hasn't challenged the judge in my two court appearances thus far.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  legaleagle replied 7 years ago.
If you can afford an attorney you should seek out a DWI attorney with more experience. There are many out there with good track records and you can call the state bar for a referral if you need to. If you can not afford an attorney there is always a court appointed attorney. But there are no special programs to help with criminal actions based on your disability or service record.
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