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I hired a lawyer for the first time, i paid him a $1000.00

Customer Question

I hired a lawyer for the first time, i paid him a $1000.00 for his retainer but i change my mind not to hire him, i called him in his parking lot to withdraw my retainer and not to work on my case. and he told me he will send the money on the mail, its over a month now i never been recieve that money. So, my husband called him about that retainer and he said
it's easy to get the money back because i already sign the aggreement, but the agreement doe'snt state no refundable.I should i do about this matter beco'z he is sticken up that he is not returning the money for 30 minutes talking in his office.What should i do? I already filed for clients grievance commission and State Bar association for complained. And thats a lot of money to give it away.I still going to pay for the court cost and fine i need that money very bad.I need an answer.Thank you..
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  dkennedy replied 7 years ago.



The complaint you filed at the State Bar association will probably take a very long time. But, if they find he did something wrong, they will make him pay the money back.


Of course, if you want to move ahead anyway, sue him in small claims court. It costs very little and you can do it yourself. Ask for the $1000 back, as well as interest and court costs.


Believe me, no lawyer wants it made public that a client is suing him. That would be very bad for business. Even if you sue him, that doesn't stop the complaint at the Bar Association. You won't get paid twice, but they might sanction him for doing this to you.