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I need question, i been arrested for shoplifting March 15,

Customer Question

I need question, i been arrested for shoplifting March 15, they took me to loss prevention
area and confronted for the incident happened,while they interrogate me what other things
i stole in the past, but i told them couple item worth $283.00 of item.But they don't believe
that's all i have, while i was they interrogate me, i just keep my mouth shut even though
i was shaken,but prior to that they saw me i stole something else, but the thing that i stole before is not in my position.Due they scared me i voluntarily return all the stuff, since i don't know what to do.they say they will lessen my charge if i cooperate, an i did
but they thing that i return is not recorded on the paper that they give to the polic
So, they bill me the civil Demand worth $283.00. And i give the civil demand paper to my
attorney and he told me not to pay it yet.So, i'm over the due limit of time to pay the
civil demand.I don't know what to do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  HPlawyer replied 7 years ago.
I know you're scared, but it's wise that you have an attorney. I would follow the suggestions of your attorney as he should have your best interest in mind and know what he is doing.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I hires a lawyer for the first time i talked t him on the phone asking how much he be

asking on my case,first time he said 1500.00 dollar and i make a deal if he can accept

a thousand dollar and he said come to his office to talk more further, and i went while

we are talking he trying to convince me to hire him because telling me he is agood lawyer that he can help me.And i'm not convince yet the first time, he already doing the paper works and going outside t mail it.And then he return to the room and he sit infront of me saying to look to my eyes he is not going to let me down,while he is waiting on me to get my money and he already wrote the receipt and the request for pre-trial.I give him the reatainer amount and i i give him the money he wants me to get out right away.

when i was at the parking makes me felt uncomfortable and i called hin back to withdraw it and asked the retainer back to me but he told me he is rushing out and he told me he will mail the money in the mail, and i was confident that he is going to do it.

And i still keep on calling him to ask it. he never answer my calls and texting i was doing that a lot of times.Until it reach for a month so i am more get suspicious and i still keep on calling him.I get tired i went to other lawyer to help me about my problem and he is aware of it,about whats going on. And he help me to call this Lawyer if when he is going to give the money back. a day after he texting he sayingHe would only meet him if i retained him.I don't know if i can still refund the money.A 1000.00 dollar that to much to lose for me that i don't have the money somewhere to pay the court cost and fine, In otherhand that money i just borrowed it. so i can get a lawyer to represent me for my case. What should i do? Is there any chances i can ask it back.I need some advice?

Thank you and i will wait for the answer.


Expert:  HPlawyer replied 7 years ago.
Yes, are your first attorney told you he would give you the money back and has likely done very little on your case, you should be entitled to a refund of the retainer. You should send the attorney a letter via certified mail, return receipt requested, demanding the refund of the retainer.

In the mean time, you should find another attorney to assist you.