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20 year old daughter was just arrested for public intoxication

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20 year old daughter was just arrested for public intoxication in Auburn, Alabama where she is a studen. she had previous arrest last summer for minor in possession of alcohol at a bar in Auburn, in which we pled youthful offender - great kid, good student - She texted tonight that she was being taken to jail. My husband is out of town. Last summer she and friends got out of jail thru a bail bondsman. Any advice about what to do TONIGHT, and then, knowing you have limited info here, what are penalties she is facing?



If this is her first public intoxication charge (the other was minor in possession) she will likely receive $320 in fines and court costs along with having to attend a mandatory alcohol program at a cost of $115-$250 depending on the assessment results.


She would likely be held for 4 hours if she was considered a "danger to herself or others" and then Released On her own Recognizance or allowed to have a Third Party Release where someone signs to be responsible to ensure she returns to court.


If you know what jail she has been taken to, you can contact them and confirm what the bail is if they are not ROR or TPR'd






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Hello again,


I saw your feedback and I apologize for any confusion. I thought by capitalizing the terms in my comment it would be clear what the acronym meant.


ROR is Released On her own Recognizance

TPR is Third Party Release.


No need to reply as it will only keep the quesiton open and I don't want you to accidentally get charged again.