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Yes I was driving 4 years ago in Texas and got pulled over

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Yes I was driving 4 years ago in Texas and got pulled over and they said that my driver license was suspended now I have my driver license it is not suspended but I have a class B Misdemeanor warrant and I need to get it taken care off in a week because I;m going to IRAQ SO WHAT SHOULD I DO JUST TURN MYSELF IN and get timed served and how long would that be I have a clean record until this what is the faster way to take care of it



It is unlikely that you will get this taken care of in a week unless you get an attorney involved. I would contact a criminal defense attorney in the town where the warrant is out of and explain the situation. The attorney can then approach the judge in chambers and explain and likely get the judge to recall the warrant and convert it to a summons. The attorney can then get it on the docket and appear on your behalf with the proper authorization to address the charge so you wouldn't have to appear.






Customer: replied 7 years ago.
If I just go to jail how long would I spend in there and when I get out it would be a done deal ??

What size city/town is the warrant out of? This would help determine how often they have court.






Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They have court Fridays so what day should I turn myself in to make sure to get out Friday and If I sit in jail for 5 days after they let me go will the charge be timed served and I'm done with so I can head off to Iraq

I would go in Wed morning then. They will either arraign you Wed or Thursday and you can enter a plea at that time. I would make sure they know you are to be deployed, have some paperwork and you may get it dismissed since you are going off to serve your country.


Thank you for your service.





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