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What does it mean for criminal cases in which the disposition

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What does it mean for criminal cases in which the disposition is "jury trial prayed?" I am trying to serve the biological mother with involuntary TPR and Stepparent Adoption papers and need to find her. She had court today for a heroin possession charge in MD (misdemeanor but her third one for the same charge), and the case reads "closed" with the disposition as Jury Trial Prayed. Will she be incarcerated until there's a trial, or will they release her? She is homeless, so serving her unless she is incarcerated is difficult.

This would mean that a jury trial has been requested and the case would be removed to Circuit Court for that purpose. While I can only be guessing without knowing anything about the specifics of the defendant's case and her criminal history, on the facts that you mention, she would almost certainly remain incarcerated until the trial. If she's homeless, she lacks solid roots in the community.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
She has 14 different charges dating back to 2004 (prostitution, trespassing, theft, and of course drug possession.) Each other time she's been in trouble, though, she never served more than 30 days, and prior to trial, she was ROR'd. Of course, they have had to issue FTA warrants in the past, but I guess she learned since she showed for her trial. I will check with her local detention center and hope that she'll be there. Some people shouldn't be mothers, and she is one of them! Thanks for your help!
A call to the Court Clerk might also help you track her down.

Good luck!