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In a criminal case, under defendant status, what does

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In a criminal case, under defendant status, what does pending B/O mean?

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B/O may mean that the defendant has "bonded out." That means he or a bail bond company has posted monetary bond to ensure that the defendant shows up in court.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It states on the website for the defendant that he is still an inmate. Is this because the bond has not been paid? It shows a release date of 11-2010. With 11 charges which 3 are threatening bodily harm with a loaded handgun? Just confused that someone could bond out.

It could also mean that the defendant was "bound over" from the General Session Court to the Circuit Court or Criminal Court (depending on the county) for trial. That means that the General Session Court found probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and probable cause that the defendant committed the crime.

He may have received a sentence on a crime and is to be released in 11-10, but he may be awaiting trial on the other counts.

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