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I am looking to hire the best attorney for my felony and misdemeanor

Resolved Question:

I am looking to hire the best attorney for my felony and misdemeanor charges for alleged "return fraud" where the charges read: "Obtain money/etc under false pretenses >$200." I've hired one lawyer, but it seems that they tell me they can't do anything about this under the discovery motion they filed comes back. They said that they can take on this case, but if I wanted to hire an additional attorney for my own reassurance, than I can. I am considering using the website and their ratings to choose my other lawyer, but I'm reading reviews on google saying that the ratings on avvo are not reliable. Hence, my two questions are: is a reliable and good source for choosing one's attorney? and 2: early in the course of charges (in my case, before the preliminary hearing) is it normal for an attorney to say that they don't know how a case may turn out or what they can do until they get back documents from a discover motion?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Lawmoe replied 7 years ago.

As an attorney listed on AVVO, I can tell you that they are not reliable. The ratings are based on information the attorney provides in their profile without much, if any, verification. As a result the ratings can be manipulated. Placement is also based on contributions to the site such as answering questions or providing articles. It may be a good start to finding a lawyer, but it should not be relied on as an absolute or completely reliable resource.


To answer the second part of your question, it would be difficult to evaluate defenses until you have the evidence from the prosecutor that supports their case. That is provided as part of discovery including police reports, witness statements, photographs, recordings physical evidence. Without that information, the strength or weaknesses of the case and the defense amounts to a great deal of speculation and guess work.


Certainly, some game plan to acquire evidence for defense can be taken at any point in the proceeding. It tends to be more focused and productive when you know what evidence is arrayed against you.




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