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Hi FranL. I received a summons for a disoprderly conduct violation.

Customer Question

Hi FranL. I received a summons for a disoprderly conduct violation. I have a coutday on Thursday 3/4 and have recently been asked to leave town for work. I am willing to pay an attoney to show up in my absence if that is even an option. Do you know what options I have and could you recommend an attoney?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  Zoey_ JD replied 7 years ago.

Unfortunately, JustAnswer's terms of service prevent us from giving a specific reference to an attorney. You could find one by contacting the NYS Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service., and he could probably pinch hit for you if he verifies that you were called out of town on actual business purposes.

However, if you were given a summons for a disorderly conduct, it's pretty certain that you will be offered an ACD (conditional dismissal) on the date that you appear in court. And that would happen with or without a lawyer. So this solution, while safe enough, is not particularly cost effiective.

So first, try calling the courthouse tomorrow morning. Get the phone number of the clerk in the actual part (courtroom) where you will be expected to appear. If you're only going to be gone a short while, speak to the clerk and explain the situtation, telling him what day you will be be able to come to court (the earliest date you can possibly make it and ask him to please adjourn it for you. Get his name.

If the clerk says he won't accommodate you, then call the bar association and have a lawyer step in.


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