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What is the penality for knowingly falsified informatio

Customer Question

What is the penality for "knowingly falsified information pertaining to a crash investigation"?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  BizAttorney replied 7 years ago.
It really depends on what you falsified. Did you just blame someone when it really wasn't their fault? Also, I need to know if you are in a civil suit or a criminal suit and if you are the person suing or the one being sued. A criminal suit is when the state is coming after you, whereas a civil is if someone is suing you for money.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



Was in small fender bender. I was driving. I told officer I bumped backof car in front of me. Made dent the size of a quarter in her back bumper. The accident happened at busy intersection so my husband told lady driving other car to pull in the drug store next door. We went there and gave her our insurance information and offered to fix the car for her, (very very little dent) but she was so nervous and upset that she called her husband on her cell phone and he told her to call the police. When officer asked her was happened she said same as me but said my husband was driving, but he was not driving, I was. The officer made a big deal about it, asked tons more questions and later sited both me and my husband for "faslifying information pertaiing to a crash"??? Doesnt make any sense. We are totally legal, have full coverage insurance, and damaged to bumper might be $50 - $100 and thats on the high end. We have to go to court and some how prove I was driving??? What is this fine going to cost us and how do they handle the result?

Expert:  BizAttorney replied 7 years ago.

This will not be a big deal at all. So long as the officer was not there when the accident occurred, everything he says will be based on hearsay and will not be admissible as evidence in the courtroom. His findings can be noted, however he could not testify if you were the driver or not. If you hire a local attorney, then odds are that they can get this dismissed or reduced greatly as there is not sufficient evidence. Good luck!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We are both currently layed off from our jobs. Is it really necessary to hire an attorney?
Expert:  BizAttorney replied 7 years ago.

No, the judge should instantly recognize any hearsay statements, but it would be better if you had an attorney there.


If you represent yourself, focus on the fact that the police officer was not there.