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I have an sr22 due to a driving without insurance. I paid

Customer Question

I have an sr22 due to a driving without insurance. I paid what the judge said I owed, but the attorney for the other side who I have been making my payments, refuse to give me the paper work stating I already paid, due to him stating I owe an additional 3000.00 due to late payments. I never receive a receipt for payments, nor any correspondence that state that I missed a payment nothing. Whenever I asked for a printout of how much I paid and missed a month there after he suspends my license. When I asked him for documentation of how he came up with all those additional charges, he couldn't explained asked him to send it in writing he said it will take him sometime. I feel I am taken advantage of.....
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Criminal Law
Expert:  AlexiaEsq. replied 7 years ago.

Dear delia,


Why are you paying an attorney for the fine? Do you mean you are paying a victim for damages you caused when you were not insured?


Also, it is very easy to confirm when you sent the checks - look at your cancelled checks - you can even get them online if you open an online banking set up with your bank. Once you get proof of what you paid and how you are on time and never late, I would file a motion with the court asking that the receipt of your restitution be paid to the court, rather then the attorney because he is unable to properly account for the receipts, has falseliy reported you as delinquent, to your detriment license-wise, etc. Keep all his letters or emails, if that is how you communicate.


If you only speak by phone, try emailing him only from now on. Or, after every phone call, be sure to send a confirming letter mailed certified r.r.r. so you have proof of what you sent him. You can do that for payments also, if you find he is not depositing in a timely fashion - his receipt will be shown by your cert.r.r.r so he can't wack you with late charges. I would also review your conviction paperwork and sentencing paperwork to confirm what he can charge as 'late fee', if anything, or "interest". Make sure he is not usurping the sentencing judge for his own gain.



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