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My boyfriend found out this weekend(after getting stopped for

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My boyfriend found out this weekend(after getting stopped for speeding) that his license was suspended due to a failure to appear in court. Well he actually paid a lawyer to handle the situation which led to his license being suspended. It was for a prior speeding ticket back in October. Well the lawyer asked for a continuence, but didn't show up for the new court date. So that resulted in my boyfriends license being suspended. Well he is military and he is about to PSC to his new location. His license are vital to his move as well as having this serious issue lingering. What does he need to do? He has contacted the courthouse and they are telling him that he has been turned over to collections agency, but they aren't giving him any information so he can pay the collection agency. He has been trying to contact the lawyer that supposively handled the situation, but he is giving him the run around now and the whole situation is stressful. Please help!!
Hi Slifox,

Thank you for using Just Answer. The first thing to do is to call the clerk of the court, have the failure to appear put back on the calendar, and go in to clear it up. Once the FTA is taken care of, your boyfriend can begin the steps to have his license reinstated. He should also ask them to give him a copy of entire record from that case - they may charge him for copies, or they may require him to go in and make copies.

Once he receives that information, it should give him a place to start with the collections agency.

If the attorney that your boyfriend hired to defend him previously failed to appear, resulting in a charge, your boyfriend can file a Complaint with the state bar association. He can also sue the attorney for malpractice to recover any costs incurred as a result of the failure. Make sure to document any communications you have with the attorney. It's a good idea to send letters and emails, if you can, so you have a record that you attempted to speak with him.

Good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Okay thanks so much Lucy. He only have 1 month and a half before he has to show up for work at his new location. Will this be a lengthy process? He is more concerned with the time it will take him to clear up the FTA situation and get his license reinstated. That is of the highest importance. This is really causing him stress because of the time restraint and it could possibly affect his PSC. He will be getting a little assistance from JAG as far as the handling of the previous lawyer. We just need to clear up the FTA as soon as possible. Again Thanks for your assistance.

It's hard to say, because it depends on when the court can put him on the schedule. If he calls and explains his situation to the court, he can request the first possible hearing date. But it will depend in part on the court's caseload.
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