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In the last year I have gotten two driving on a suspended license

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In the last year I have gotten two driving on a suspended license tickets.

I have to go to court tomorrow for the second, the only reason it was suspended is because I hadn't yet paid the reinstatement fee.

I know have a valid license and SR-22 insurance, also my insurance had lapsed a week prior to getting pulled over.

What would my best route be, also do you think I am looking at jail time?

It is possible given that it is your second offense, but since you have since been reinstated, that may weigh in your favor. When you go in tomorrow, you may want to find out what the prosecutor is looking for to get you to plead guilty. If they are asking for jail time, you may want to consider requesting a postponement so you can get a lawyer before your next trial date. A lawyer might be able to talk them down off the jail offer if that is what they are looking for tomorrow. If you can't afford a lawyer you can try to apply for the services of the public defender.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok. How well does the plea of ignorence go over?

I believe the reason it was suspended in the first place was because I was required to get SR-22 Insurance, and was never told. I now have it and as I said have my license back.

Also at the time of my arrest, my suspension was actually up. All I had to do was pay the reinstatement fee and get SR-22 insurance, which I did and took care of in 2 weeks.

Edited by Customer on 3/1/2010 at 6:23 AM EST
Well, you have to be knowingly doing it...that is an element of the if the offer is jail an attorney might be able to use that to your advantage at the next date.

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