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My probation officer gave me permission to transfer my probation

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My probation officer gave me permission to transfer my probation to florida. he was new and didn't realize how difficult the process is to do this. before he realizes this i quit my job and calls me the day before i am to leave and tells me i cannot go. i then cannot find work and go about 3 months out of work living out of my car and not making restitution. my cousin offers me a job in another state and i go. i then move and they violate me. i have continued to make my payments down here even though a warrant is still out for me. the crime was non-violent grand larceny. l owe 19,500 after originally taking 51k

You should hire counsel. In many instances, the warrant can be quashed or stayed an a hearing set. Based on the facts presented, you can also seek to change your probation to another state if (1) the new state will accept it (and usually they will charge you if they do); and (2) the Judge allows it.


It would seem that without more information, the violation seems rather insignificant and I would be surprised if it resulted in any execution of jail time previously stayed. However, you cannot avoid an appearance in NY on the violation/



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