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I was depressed last August after I was let go from a job 2

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I was depressed last August after I was let go from a job 2 months before. I didn't shout out any death threats or anything, but while in the ambulance to be cooperative with the EMT when she asked me if I felt like hurting anyone, I was honest and I told her my thoughts of hurting some former coworkers. I stayed in the psych ward for a week. I only had a week from being served the temporary protection order, to find a lawyer, but since my former employer was in my local government, they avoided helping me. I went to court and represented myself. I was then given a permanent protection order from a corrupt judge who didn't even let me defend myself. I now have to wait 4 years before I can try to get this lifted. Anyways, I feel like not putting the government job on my resume as it will show up in a civil records check as a permanent protection order. But also it was 10 months of experience. What should I do or say? I will also mention I was never charged with a crime or arrested.

I would certainly not include an employment position on a resume where the possibility of a negative employer reference is significant. If you do include it to avoid a lapse of employment on your resume, I would only briefly summarize your experiences.


Even if you did include it, that does not mean the protection order would be discovered or disclosed by the employer. The record could be found through a check of civil filings in the county where the order was entered.



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