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My 18-year-old daughter was arrested for B & E (auto) along

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My 18-year-old daughter was arrested for B & E (auto) along with two others. I wasn't aware of what happened until they released her. She confessed to the B & E but because she helped recover many of the items, the detective has indicated that he will try to have charge reduced to theft. Her arraignment is tomorrow, and she will ask for a court appointed attorney. Question: Can/should she plead not guilty, even though they have a taped confession?
Thanks for the chance to assist. She should plea NOT GUILTY and ask for an attorney. She can change her plea later, AFTER she has the chance to speak with an attorney. The DA will offer some type of plea agreement...let her attorney negotiate that for her. She has a legal and moral right to plea not guilty and she should exercise that right unless or until the DA offers a reasonable deal...they will.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Should she also request for youthful offender status at the arraignment or is that determined at the trial?


That is part of the plea deal...the attorney will negotiate that for her. I understand she may be nervous...but really there is no reason to be...the first appearance is just that...the court will make sure she has a lawyer and understands the charges...they will set a date in the future and between now and then there will be time to work out a fair result for her case.
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